Meet Guruji

"Guruji is a true inspiration and a force for truth in the world. He has dedicated his life to sharing the principles of Gyan Yoga with others, and his teachings have had a profound impact on countless individuals around the globe.

At Preseed EA, we are honored to have the opportunity to work with Guruji and assist him in his mission. We are committed to upholding his values and spreading Gyan Yoga".
    ~ @Shishyamanu

All we see:-

Communication protocol

The purpose of this protocol, is to ensure that every Preseed Team members’ communication is effective and uniform so that we all follow certain protocols that define our communications well with each other. Key here is to be fast and mindful. Empathise with other team members who you are communicating with. Any questions or suggestions please feel free to share with the Coordinators.

  • Team communication happens on Whatsapp, Slack and Telegram. These are our our work spaces.
  • Communication be instant please. Have the above apps, Gdrive, Gmail and Trello on all your devices so as to avoid delay in replies.
  • People already get a lot of actionable emails to deal with on a daily basis so cut it out with the repetitive formalities
  • For example “ Hi! How are you”, unless you are really concerned. How is the weather etc.“ I mean just get straight to the point.
  • Communication of Preseed team on Slack (even between 2 individuals) is encouraged to happen on relevant ​*team channels / groups*​ and ​*not DM’s*​ so that the rest of the team can be included as well as learn from the conversation that takes place. Another reason is to be able to amplify the reach of messages (when needed) and protocols from Preseed team to reach other teams in Preseed — which in turn maximizes the impact of the talk. Following this will also reduce redundancy on similar matters of discussion. For ex. check this screenshot

  • Voice notes : Every word should be considered, if the sender didn't have more sizeable responsibilities they would have drafted those same words.
  • Usually, voice notes are sent through Whatsapp (Soon we will use Chattodo)

Don’t waste people’s time. Be sharp, get prepared for the meeting. If you’re not gonna make it, let the other person know with enough time (about 4 hours before)

  • First choose between Zoom call or Google meet or anything you guys prefer. Whichever is more convenient.
  • Send a calendar invite.
  • Use your headset for better sound quality.
  • Make sure one of you is taking minutes i.e. Simultaneously typing or taking notes somehow.
  • Be mindful | respectful | punctual

Hack team protocols

Generally applicable on everyone working at Preseed.

1. First and most important protocol no excuse would be accepted for any low quality work. Maintain standards.
2. Communication at Light Speed. Team members must acknowledge and respond due diligently. Absolutely no failure in work will be tolerated due communication lag.
3. All hackers working on pages should setup repositories in their own github account. ie. they should host the pages while in development stage on their github account for exchanging opinions in the workgroup as screen shots don’t work.
4. All exchange of opinions on any design while the page is being worked upon should take place on the work group.
5. If any page has been finalized, same should be mentioned and the live page to be shared in the workgroup. ie. the page that is hosted on the person’s github account (the person who was assigned the task) to be shared here before calling it done. After the page has been approved only then it can be hosted on the preseed account.
6. When tasks are complete either on producteev of facebook workgroup update as done.
7. Any Documents made for better direction of tasks should be shared with Yatharth or the Coordinator; Also wait for their inputs. This is a failsafe in case of early corrections.
8. Check out the documents for coding guidelines.
9. all new pages must be implemented/coded in the latest available framework versions. ie. for every new design, implementation should start by downloading the fresh version from or the framework being used for laying out the design.
10. Makes pull requests with relevant descriptions.
11. Structure. Structure. This includes updating the commit text on Github

Please have a proper structure to the codes. Folder structure:

Directory structure to be-

1. assets/css/ — for css
2. assets/img/- for images
3. assets/js/ — for javascript
4. bootstrap/css- for css files which come along with bootstrap
5. bootstrap/js/ — for js files of bootstrap
6. index.html- home page
7. assets/fonts- for fonts
8. Index.html should be the default page.

Feedback response policy

The purpose of the Feedback Response Policy is important for shaping our product. Instead of reaching out to new users it is important for us to first know our existing users through feedback and serve them really well. We need to know how they're using our product and how we can make the product better suit their needs. Every new feature should have a strong feedback system. Tech team members must know what platform is the feedback coming from, to who, and from who, in the team (for ex. Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Gmail, Freshdesk etc.). Also, keep a close track on- what percentage of feedbacks are coming from which platform. Keeping a track of the platforms will somewhere help while formulating marketing strategies because we'll know what platforms our users mostly use. We would know the unique user the feedback is coming from but for analysis purpose we will have to club the feedbacks together that are similar in nature to see the ones that are common. While some feedbacks may look similar but in reality they might be very different from each other. So clubbing of feedbacks need to be done intelligently. The bottom line is we have to know what the users are trying to tell us, and try to ensure that it's taken care of. This will lead to a healthy business and formation of a company with a strong foundation that has the customer's best interest in its heart. Nishchal’s further teams are spread over the teams of his respective startups. Those teams can’t be found here on this page for this page is strictly dedicated to the team of CHATTODO, but you can likely find them on the team pages of his other startups..

We are students of a action oriented Guru. So, we are also EA's to our Guruji. We manage for Guruji from idea to globally validated MVPs.

Who we are

The Preseed EA team is made up of Guruji's students and a group of experienced tech professionals. Together, we have a diverse portfolio of skills and expertise, ranging from software development and data analysis to project management and marketing.

We are united by our passion for Gyan Yoga and our commitment to using technology to make a positive impact in the world. We believe that our unique combination of knowledge and experience makes us uniquely suited to assist Guruji in his mission.

Through Nishchal's students soul stirring, action oriented Gyan Yoga Youtube channel, NOSHOW :



Love | Serve | Inspire

" The best time to know Niraakaar or non-matter was the time of Upnishads. The second best time is now. Also, for now, I am alive, awake, and here, to tell you what I know about it."

~ Guruji aka Noshow aka Nishchal

Introducing Noshow, where our founder is not just our founder, he is also our GURUJI. We are planting this seed, Noshow, in 2022. That is all we can do. Nature will do the rest to ensure that NOSHOW BECOMES GURUJI"S MOUTHPIECE.

100% of the fees we will collect as a compensation through
NOSHOW for Guruji's words and works goes into the creation of his dream fund
- The Simple Fund -

Noshow will be a fundraiser for Preseed to keep doing whatever it is doing. Here public funds are accepted by us as fees/ Gurudakshana for our Guruji, if you can feel his tapasya too. This sewa will benefit India - would you agree? Where does your support money go? In producing these goods and organizing the team with infrastructure all the way to food via our fund. Read us to trust us to do good with your money. We could have written a whole essay here to say more, but need we say more? Actions speak louder than words.

Our other two Youtube channels and this Spotify podcast episode #E0 from, Preseed Voice, is the precursor to our brand Noshow.If you like us so far, subscribe, press bell icon & support please.

🇮🇳 PRESEED ADMIN : We encourage you to watch our raw Hindi/English YouTube channel playlist, season 1 (S1), in matters of consciousness & in matters of our startups. Who we are and how far we are willing to go will be answered in great detail in that same channel, called, Preseed Admin; a precursor to Noshow. Its playlists are a must watch. Subscribe to it if our range intrests you. The detailed perspective Nishchal has on matter to NON-MATTER can be seen and felt in Preseed Admin. Subscribe to both the channels if you want to understand the bold expressed here as a website and in a season/episode format channel, there on Youtube. Noshow desires to do videos in matters of criminal justice system, politics and consciousness, in English, professionally. Those interested to join our Youtube endeavours may reach Nishchal directly. Noshow needs to be developed more thoughtfully and aesthetically to bring about a revolution in the spirits of the rational Indian Youth. 🇮🇳

The one who chisels may not get support from his own family and friends, for chiseling tastes like aushadhi to the one chisled, bitter. However, the citizens of a nation, will support the one who can chisel theat nation's youth. In that, we trust.

Are we doing all the chiseling in English language inspite of it being oriented at India? No. We have a raw Hindi YT channel too, called Gyanseva. Check it out.
क्या हम अंग्रेजी भाषा में सभी छेनी बना रहे हैं, इसके बावजूद कि यह भारत में उन्मुख है? नहीं। हमारे पास एक कच्चा हिंदी YT चैनल भी है, जिसे ज्ञानसेवा कहा जाता है। इसकी जांच - पड़ताल करें।

Our Mission

At Preseed EA, our mission is simple - To assist Guruji in changing the world through Gyan Yoga. We believe that the principles of Gyan Yoga have the power to transform individuals and communities, and we are committed to spreading this message far and wide.
Through our innovative use of technology, we aim to help Guruji reach more people than ever before and make a lasting impact on the world. We are excited to be a part of this important mission, and we are confident that together, we can make a difference.

Our Technology

At Preseed EA, we are proud to be at the forefront of technological research, as well as creative innovation. Our Guruji has developed an extremely efficient way of Company operation, which will help us to work remotely as well as with a lot of efficiency and speed using tools and software that are available in the market.

This helps us to take a lot of volunteers as well as co-workers that can woek remotely the latest advances in machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics to help Guruji reach more people and spread his teachings.

Our technology is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to access the wisdom of Gyan Yoga. We believe that our personalized approach sets us apart from competitors and positions us for success in the years to come.

Join Us

We invite you to join us in our mission to change the world through Gyan Yoga. Whether you are an investor, a potential partner, or simply someone who shares our passion for positive change, we would love to hear from you.

At Preseed EA, we believe that together, we can make a difference. Join us today and help us create a better world for all.

Join Us

Have someone in mind you want to refer to join the team? Communicate with us and ensure he takes it forward

How are teams built? - Other team members' contribution to finding new talents for their team is paramount. Each one should take upon themselves in growing their teams. So I am clearly saying if you talent around you with counter culture beliefs that resonate with Preseed values, create introductions of such people with us, along with your views on what agenda could we build upon with the fellow being you have found for us.
Delegation of work - MOST IMPORTANT Everyone must learn over a period of time of course, 'the art of building their own team'.
The biggest attribute we see in our people is 'how well can they inspire others to work with them' if you need money to build your team then you need to see how Nishchal is building his team.

Guruji's Friends

Friends of Guruji who draw inspiration from his energy and mind and vice versa, are our mentors. Their guidance, assistance and resource access helps us a great deal, ensuring growth in lives of all stakeholders.

Manu Narayanan
Faiz Ahsan
(CTO of Preseed)

Faiz is Nishchal's goto man for all things tech. His presence makes our technology know-how as a company so hands on that we are becoming a dream for startups that are our friends. Read more about Faiz on his LinkedIn to understand his tech capabilities. We hope this addition into our team inspires you to reach us with need that is worth Faiz's attention.

Manu Narayanan
Ashim Jolly
(Angel Investor)

Ashim is our esteemed mentor in Quick Angels. With a diverse background in enterprise business development, sales, venture building, and angel investing, Ashim brings valuable insights to our team. His expertise in investment, coupled with a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, helps shape Quick Angels into a trusted platform for startup founders and angel investors.

Manu Narayanan
Dr Irfan Khan
(Founder of EBikeGo)

Dr. Irfan Khan is an esteemed friend of Guruji and a great mentor to his Shishyas. His visionary leadership has revolutionized sustainable transportation, while his mentorship and guidance inspire impactful change among us. With his expertise and commitment along with the presence of Guruji, we strive to create a greener and prosperous future.

Our Vendors

Manu Narayanan
Inzamamul Hassan

Inzamam is our vendor for Quick Angels.

Manu Narayanan

Brained is our vendor for IIDB.

Our Team

Manu Narayanan
Manu Narayanan
(Shishya and HeadEA)

Shishya Manu manages assigns the commands of Nishchal on task management tools. So, he manages a dream called Noshow, Nishchal's mouthpiece, which is being built to bring Nishchal's shishyas home, to their guruji.

Manu Narayanan
Kalidasan PEM
(Shishya and PA to Guruji)

Shishya Kalidas is the PA to Guruji and he manages webpages, automation in PreseedEA workspace, vendors, and Data, helping Guruji and Shishya Manu work efficiently.

Manu Narayanan
Yedhu Krishnan
(Motion Graphics artist)

Shishya Yedhu edits all media content of Noshow into a presentable form.

Manu Narayanan
Indrajith Lal

Shishya Indrajith is a developer at PreseedEA. He handles Preseed app.

Manu Narayanan
Amal Raj

Shishya Amal is a Designer at PreseedEA. He handles Branding, APP designs and web designs.

We manage openings for co-founder teams for Guruji's products. So each one becomes an independant startup, just as he wished.

Reactor Core

Preseed Technology Head
We need a God of codes and cloud infrastructure to lead the tech team here. Till now we have met extraordinary hackers and have done well, communicating with them. But in the next few months, Reactor Core would be the place for a strong tech head as we become the most extraordinary Indian tech startup company in the making. Almost always, we do things that circles the virtual world of codes with extraordinary hackers - if you feel you are capable of manning such an extraordinary team with simple values - write to us! We are looking for coders who are also leaders, and can inspire a team of extraordinary engineers.

Apply »
Preseed Design Head
We value simplicity - in our world we pride ourselves on our design aesthetics. This opening is not for anyone who feel their vibes flow strong with ours, unless you are someone with a subtle design sensibility and leadership fire to inspire a team of designers. Over the past few years we have learned that designers in themselves are a very different type of leader - one we would need to balance out the Reactor Core. There are countless projects related to design going on in Preseed and your role would require you to have hawkeyes over them along with the team of extraordinary talent built around you. If your values resonate with ours - connect with someone in the team, but before that - apply.

Apply »
Preseed Marketing Head
For the past 2 years we have been putting Preseed together - laying the foundation of a company based on a counter culture and a value system, based on humans.Having built an extraordinary core group of mentors/advisors who will ensure Preseed is blooming and the teams are growing, now, is the time to look for the third and final piece of the Reactor Core puzzle - The Marketing Head. If you fancy yourself to be good enough to lead the marketing efforts of a start up like no other, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Apply »
Preseed Advisors
About 3-6 hours per month of your time. At the end of every month I would send a detailed report of the current status and a set of properly structured questions to you to seek your advise on the key concerns of the Preseed’s next month. We will not bother you beyond this. So in essence please allow Nishchal to take about 36 hours of your time per year.

View Details » Apply »

Project Manager
We are looking for a super hero - one who can find and hire potential CEOs, nurture them and give them the fire cover to transform wonderful ideas into products. He should have the capabilities and intent to manage and run these projects himself and the maturity and far sightedness to spot his protege. If you have led/managed a startup/project at the C level and want to be part of a counter culture that is set to disrupt the start up world, you might be the chosen one.

Apply »
Preseed Project is our main vertical responsible for customer acquisition of it’s projects which are a mere MVPs at first. We are building to house the web hustlers like you, so that the product founders focus on product development, while you focus on getting them their early adopters. We need 1 extra ordinary marketer who could -: 1. Help with the organic bootstrapped launch. We mean it. There will be no money for marketing at this stage of products at Preseed Web Lab. So you got to know the hacks of the web distribution world. 2. Have faith that this job is the key to helping some really inspired developers in changing the world.

View Details » Apply »
Look into what we have built and contiue to build deeply. If you like the potential we may have, trust us to build some great companies and save your time from evaluating each opportunity. Do a deal with us for our next 5 startups at the above mentioned rate per startup at Preseed Projects. View details below to find out our conditions good man.

View Details » Apply »

PWL Head
"We need someone full time who has had prior experiences in building and distributing great looking and functioning mobile/web apps. You must be mighty good at both back and front end. You must be influential in geeky communities on the web.You must also be a hippie at heart and enjoy the learning and the path on making a product alongwith the difference that the product will create for the billions who use it. "

View Details » Apply »
General Manager
In our Web Lab we have one manager per 6 ideas. (This is called a cluster at Preseed Web Lab). So in essence you have to build a new cluster of profound products from the day you join. Your job is essentially going to be about finding the inspired hacker, hustler and then a designer for each idea, managing them to deliver the MVP they are inspired to create already.

View Details » Apply »
Technology Manager
You need to be a demi-god of codes and cloud infrastructure for web/mobile apps. Basically you need to know all that we are expected to be known by the hackers at Preseed Web Lab. Only then will they have enough respect and admiration for you as their leader.

Apply »
Design Manager
You must have impeccable design sensibilities to not only touch upon all the products in your clusters - but also have the ability to lead a team of designers to ensure the ugly MVPs are ready to be touched, accepted and appreciated by millions.

Apply »
Marketing Manager
You must be able to ride the tide of early stage prelaunch marketing to being the distribution artist to early adopters - this is clearly a role to be a well coordinated leader and be building an army of web marketers for the new age of Preseed Web Lab

Apply »
Web Designers / Frontend Ugly Artists
At the stage we have some real customer metrics and an idea starts looking like it is ready and worthy of more resources. The MVP we built, now has a hand full of users even while it had rough designs. This is clearly a good sign that the product is making sense even though it is not well designed. Thats where you come in to transform it into a world class product that will disrupt the market.

View Details » Apply »
PWL Applicants
If you are a inspired hacker/hustler/designer looking to work with us on helping us sincerely and becoming one of the potential partners on one of our products listed on then connect with us. This is neither like a full time job nor a freelance opportunity. This is clearly an opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

View Details » Apply »

General Manager
In our Entrepreneur Lab we have one manager per 6 ideas. (This is called a cluster). So in essence you have to build a new cluster of profound startups from the day you join. Your job is essentially going to be about finding the inspired team of hustlers - managing/ leading them to deliver.

Apply »
Design Manager
You must have impeccable design sensibilities to not only touch upon all the products in your clusters - but also have the ability to lead a team of designers to ensure that after the first version iterations are quick and clear. Post your touch we would be ready to be accepted and appreciated by millions.

Apply »
Marketing Manager
We are building the house for hustlers like you, so that the founders can focus on the startup while you focus on getting them their early adopters.

Apply »
Sales Manager
We require an army of hustlers to close deals in Entrepreneur Lab. If you have the will to build with us upon an idea here that resonates with you, as long as you can do the hard work, we will take you in to get you ready for the big job.

Apply »

Preseed Labs

These are the people who are needed to coordinate each labs independantly. To know more about the labs click here. Applying to become the coordinator at Preseed it would require you to be full time as you need to be the driving force of the team and its workgroups.

Apply »
Hiring Manager
People who are constantly keeping a close eye on the hippies that have joined hands with us - on a level this would be a role from performance management to pulling the trigger. HR is one of the most important aspects of Preseed because our liberal culture it tests us in new dynamic ways of team building and retention; this is something we are in the process of strengthening, with you perhaps!

Apply »

PMN Editor
We are in search of someone who loves to spend his / her day around progressive infotainment for PMN is loaded with that.

Apply »
Social Media Handler
We are in search of people who surround themselves with progressive content ranging from the most cutting edge tech startups to arts, crazy and truth. Together we manage Preseed Media Network - our culture hub of daily curations. Your voice added to ours will cause a new age ripple effect that many people are waiting to hear. Join us to liberate and inspire people!

Apply »

Team Care Unit

Coordinator Team
Here we hustle with people who keep the teams actions coordinated saving them from being too scattered. The role of the coordinator is one of the most important roles in the team - only to find harmony in the chaos of all the labs in the process of being built.

Apply »
Web Page Team
This team is of the fastest frontend coders in team, they are packed with web design sensibilities beyond their years. Do you have what it takes to be a frontend Ninja on our team?

Apply »
Evangelist Team
Souls who dance to the harmonious vibes of Preseed join together in the Evangelist team to inspire faith in many. These are the voices to the community - spreading love, inspiration, faith and actions without any boundaries. Being an evangelist in Preseed would truly need you to be able to amplify your voice, mind and power manifold.

Apply »
PAC Marketer Team
We consider connecting dots one of the most important role in Preseed, especially when to do something extraordinary there needs to be many dots connected strong. Preseed Application Central Marketing team would be the hippies who maximize the reach of one of the most important websites in Preseed - mainly to attract and funnel talent - if you are good at marketing and hr then lets take it forward!

Apply »

Startup Kitchen

Our primary and major focus lies in filtering the startups with founders who have the ability to preserve and hustle to build and drive their startup. If you are an expert in your domain and willing to nurture them and give them the cover-fire/advice/mentorship to transform their wonderful ideas into products.

Apply »
In Startup Kitchen we will have one manager per cluster of startups. So in essence you have to manage a portfolio and build a network of mentors suitable for that portfolio from the day you join. Your job is essentially going to be about finding the inspired team of mentors/advisors - managing/ leading them to deliver. If you have led/managed a startup/project at the C level and want to be part of a counterculture that is set to disrupt the start-up world.

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